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About Powernet Technologies

POWERNET Technologies develops solutions for complex business issues. We exist to make everybody’s life simpler. Sometimes that means getting all the players in an organization on the same technology platform, and sometimes that means helping a company become a bona fide electronic business. Or it might mean operating a data center or analyzing business processes to remove unnecessary steps.

Every challenge is different. And that's just the way we like it. Whatever the challenge of the moment, one thing is certain. If we say we can solve it, you can bet we will not rest until we do. Because we're in business for one reason only; to help our clients succeed.

Company Profile

Company Profile

POWERNET Technologies is a professional services firm that applies consulting, information and technology in innovative and productive ways to enable clients to improve their overall performance extends their enterprise ahead of the competition and better serves their customers.
The company's end-to-end services portfolio covers these areas -- Management Consulting and Information Solutions. Each of these areas has tremendous growth potential, and each contains a wide assortment of related service offerings.

POWERNET Technologies is highly innovative in using technology to solve business problems and help clients in such areas as improving customer service, enhancing the quality of their products and even getting to market ahead of the competition. POWERNET Technologies is constantly looking for ways for it and its clients to be more competitive.

POWERNET Technologies was launched by Powernet CNS in 1999 and has proven to be a leader in the information and technology field. POWERNET Technologies has many clients in the education/government arena -- at the provincial /local level as well as the national level.
POWERNET Technologies is committed to being a great place to work and a trusted business partner.

Advanced Network Group

POWERNET Technologies Advanced Network Group specializes in managing all types of technology projects, whether it is a simple Local Area Network (LAN) or a complex multi-platform Wide Area Network (WAN). Our comprehensive project scheduling approach is capable of handling complex projects while remaining manageable on a daily basis. The project management skills and techniques used by POWERNET Technologies focus on project partnering with the client, from planning, start-up phase, implementation and project control through to completion. The objective is always to bring projects and programs in on time and within budget while exceeding customer expectations.

  • Complete Project management
  • Network Design and Integration
  • LAN and WAN Solutions
  • Microsoft NT, Novell, Unix, Linux and CITRIX Networks
  • Communication solutions
  • Mobile Workforce Solutions
  • Evaluation and Supply of all Hardware Required
  • Technology Audits

Preferred Client Program

Our Preferred Client Program is the most effective and efficient method of maintaining your computer systems at the office. Time is money. When your computer system crashes, your productivity stops. Our On-Site Preferred Client Program is the best way to ensure the stability of your systems. In the event of an emergency, we will be there fast with our guaranteed service. The many benefits and advantages included in

The program includes

  • Annual On-Site system inspection and POWERNET Performance Tune-Up.
  • Priority dispatching.
  • Discounts on any service calls.
  • Phone Support technicians available
  • E-mail support available
  • Software and Hardware cataloging.
  • Check Network Configuration.
  • Additional monthly specials specifically for Preferred Clients

POWERNET Technologies offers products and services tailored to our clients needs. Whether you require networking solutions, or fully integrated services we will provide you with a complete technology solution. For even greater value our "Peace of Mind" Preferred Client Program offers a combination of quality service and competitive pricing.

How Much?

How much will you need to budget for your technology plan?

Our technology team will quickly establish a budget range, saving valuable time and money.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance for PCs and/or networks is a necessity in today's ever-changing technological environment. Preventative maintenance can go a long way to helping you and your company maximizes productivity.
POWERNET Technologies has several maintenance programs that can help our customers reduce their downtime and lost productivity. Whether your business needs a visit from one of our technicians once a week or an entire team of technicians twice a week, POWERNET Technologies is able to provide you with multiple options for maintenance. From hardware and software upgrades to adding new email users, we have the tools to help you stay one step ahead.

Server and Desktop Services

  • System Installation and Configuration
  • Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • On-Site Training

At POWERNET Technologies, we truly are your single source solution for all of you computer needs. Not only will we provide you with exceptional service, but we will also make certain that you receive the best and most appropriate hardware and software available to meet your most detailed specifications.